TET (Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Tirana)

Applications for TET 2018/19 are open here.


TET, the best program in Albania for empowering entrepreneurship within high school students, is coming in Tirana!


What is TET?

TET (Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Tirana) is a 23-week program to acclimate high school students in a hands-on entrepreneurial environment within the context businesses present in Tirana. TET offers students to have business leaders and personalities as their personal business mentors. Every student is given the chance to launch a real business, with the goal of helping them make use of all the opportunities for success in Tirana.


How does TET work?

Three days a week, (Tuesday through Thursday), 18 students meet for 90 minutes in businesses Tirana. Students engage in discussions with entrepreneurs, visit working businesses, and listen to guest lecturers. Through the course of the class, students develop two business plans and present them to a banker or investor. In addition, students launch one business, and showcase their new enterprise at a trade show hosted by Albania's Business Generation.


The admissions process

The application is composed of 2 short essays written by the student, general personal information, and an interview. GPA is not included in the application as it is not necessarily seen as a predictor of success in TET. Entrepreneurial drive and devotion are the two crucial factors we look in the selected students.

The admissions period : 1 August- 30 September


Financial aid and tution

TET is fully need blind and meets full financial need for all admitted applicants. When evaluating applications, students' financial need is not taken into consideration. Only after admission, students are asked to pay or given scholarships. The full price for attending TET is a symbolic fee of 12'000 Lekë (500 Lekë per week, for 24 weeks). Albania's Business Generation is gully committed to waive the fee or part of it whenever necessary.



Students are always accompanied by at least one facilitator. TET's facilitators are professionals from the business world that commit to be together with the students throughout the whole journey of TET. They possess great business knowledge, skills, and connections but most importantly they are relationship builders. This season, part of TET are two facilitators. Get to know both of them below.


Eneriko Hajdaraj

Eneriko Hajdaraj is lead auditor accredited for management systems and a business consultant for four years now. He has assisted enterprises in Albania and Kosovo to get promoted internationally.

Eneriko is a certified coach and mentor for the development of interpersonal skills for entrepreneurs. He has been trained in business and financial planning, innovation, projects and public funds management, international donations, etc..

Eneriko holds a degree from the faculty of Business Administration, Tirana Business University.


Oltjon Valisi

Oltjon Valisi is part of the academic team for the subjects of Entrepreneurship and Project Management as well as Marketing and PR Manager at Tirana Business University (TBU).

Previously, Oltjon has worked as a business consultant at EJ Business Consulting. He continues to assist various student teams in their entrepreneurial path through the Business Incubator at TBU.

Oltjon has graduated with excellent results from the Bachelor program of Business Administration and currently is finalizing his studies on the same area for a Master of Sciences at TBU.



Applications Open — 1 August

TET launches — 14 November/week 1

sponsorship project — Week 3

class business begins — week 8

Individual businesses begin — week 19

investors pitch day — Week 21

tet final fair — Week 24