ABG Camp Tirana


What is Camp?


We organize 8-day programs for students aged 15 to 21 years old for them to launch their first startups. Participants, who are selected through a very rigorous admissions process, form teams that take a business idea from zero to hero within 8 days. Throughout the process, ABG provides all participating teams with mentoring from recognized personalities in the business community. In the end, an winning idea is announced from a jury which receives a prize assissting them with their idea implementation.



How does Camp work?

There are three building blocks upon which the curriculum is based on. They are:

* Foundations — All of the entrepreneurial concepts of turning an idea to a product/company.

* Disciplined Entrepreneurship — based on the method with the same name, participants are exposed to data behind successful companies. Data they are encouraged to extract to serve them.

* Interdisciplinary Skills — A good entrepreneur possesses many skills—communicative, time management, leadership, etc.. All of which are touched upon the span of the Camp.



Applications for the Camp open again in March 2018.